April 5, 2013

After some months of advance access publication, Oxford Journals has launched the inaugural edition of its very good Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (see: here).  The first issue includes articles on: “The Competition and Markets Authority: can the whole be greater than the sum of its parts?” (P. Freeman), “Models for merging the US antitrust agencies” (W. Blumenthal), “Antitrust compliance programs and optimal antitrust enforcement” (W.P.J. Wils), “Do expert agencies outperform generalist judges? Some preliminary evidence from the Federal Trade Commission” (J. D. Wright, A.M. Diveley), “Why not court? A study of follow-on actions in the UK” (B.J. Rodger) and “Justifying criminal sanctions for cartel conduct: a hard case” (C. Beaton-Wells and C. Parker).

For a link to abstracts and the full issue see: Journal of Antitrust Enforcement.


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