March 21, 2013

The American Bar Association has published an updated version of its Frequently Asked Antitrust Questions (see: here).  Aside from the fact that the ABA publishes a number of excellent competition/antitrust texts, this one in particular caught my eye as having a new chapter on associations and antitrust – an area I do quite a bit of work in.  From the ABA:

Frequently Asked Antitrust Questions is a tremendous resource for practitioners who need quick, plain language answers to questions that arise every day for every business.  The book is useful both for the non-expert who needs easy access to the basic rules of the road and lawyers with significant experience in antitrust law who need to respond quickly and efficiently to questions from clients.  This revision includes two new chapters addressing emerging issues in the areas of intellectual property and antitrust compliance. The prior editions discussion of trade associations has also been expanded and now makes up its own chapter. Other chapters also contain expanded material, including additional references and footnotes for practitioners who need to delve deeper into specific issues. Expanded topics include: 1. communications with competitors; 2. dealing with antitrust authorities in the United States and abroad; 3. the Robinson-Patman Act and other pricing issues; 4. vertical arrangements between customers and suppliers, and more.  Even with this increased content, however, Frequently Asked Antitrust Questions remains a user-friendly and unique go-to resource for attorneys of all experience levels.”


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