December 20, 2012

The Asian Competition Forum has posted the papers from its recent 8th Annual Asian Competition Law Conference (2012).  In a rather impressive showing, contributions relating to China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and others include papers and presentations on:

Setting Up a New Competition Regime: the Indian Experience

The Tasks and Challenges of Enforcing the Hong Kong Competition Ordinance

The Role of the Media in Building a Competition Culture

Developing a Culture of Competition

Priority Setting in Competition Law – the Australian Experience

Establishing Sound Enforcement Processes in China

The Unbearable Heaviness of Chinese Anti-monopoly Law

Building the Environment for the Enforcement of Anti-monopoly Law in China

Criminal Enforcement of Anti-Cartel Laws: Stress-testing the Rhetoric

International Cartels as an Enforcement Priority for the Singapore Competition Authority

Highlights or Common Issues in Enforcing Competition Law in the Early Stage

Walking the Tightrope of Competition Enforcement – the Experience of Singapore

Restructuring State-Owned Enterprises in Vietnam and the Relevance of Competition Law

Cartel Enforcement: Leniency, Rewards and Interface with Right to Private Action

Whistle Blowing and Leniency: The Keys to Effective Enforcement

Choosing the Right Tools for Cartel Enforcement – A Review of the Economic and Legal Tools Available to the New Competition Authorities in Hong Kong

Recent Development of Japanese competition Law and Its Enforcement

Re-Thinking the Effects of Leniency Programs – Is the Japanese Experience Really Counter-Intuitive?

Enforcement, Compliance and Business Culture: A Tripartite Approach to Achieving the Spirit of Competition in Asia

The Case for Divergence: Adapting Competition Law and Enforcement for Very Small Economies

Antitrust Investigations in China: Retrospect and Prospect

Distinction and Interaction between the Competition Law Enforcement and Economic Regulation: A Compare Study on the Unilever case in China and Petrol Case in Germany

Presumptions of Market Dominance and Burden of Proof in China’s AML: Insights and Questions

The First Four Years of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law: The (Limited) Role of Economic Analysis

Developing Sound Competition Enforcement Priorities in the Context of China’s Twelfth Five Year Plan

Application of Competition Laws to Government in Singapore and Hong Kong

Coordination Between Industry Regulation and the Implementation of Anti-monopoly Law: The Choice of China

Selected Issues in Hong Kong Competition Ordinance: A Critical Perspective on Institutional Enforcement

Hong Kong’s Competition Law: Key Issues for Consideration as it Establishes its New Competition Law Regime

Warning: Newer Agencies Without Enforcement Experience Should not Publish External Guidelines

Resale Price Maintenance Enforcement in Hong Kong

China 2030: Will Competition Play a Greater Role in the Economy?

For copies of the papers see: 8th Annual Asian Competition Law Conference 2012


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