Trade and professional associations can serve many legitimate purposes, including promoting common interests to the public, lobbying and advocacy, research, member education and the promotion and improvement of product standards.

However, because association activities commonly involve the interaction of direct competitors, they can also in some cases raise significant competition law concerns under the federal Competition Act.

I offer competition law and compliance services for Canadian trade, professional and other associations in relation to all key aspects of association activities including: board and membership meetings; rules and by-laws; voluntary codes of conduct; standard setting; surveys and information exchanges; membership criteria and discipline; compliance programs and policies; special projects; and dealing with marketplace and competitor issues.

My services include: trade association competition law compliance programs; competition law compliance seminars and talks for association executives; audits and compliance reviews of association activities; Competition Act advice and opinions; vetting trade association meetings, conventions and communications; reviewing association rules, bylaws, policies and voluntary codes; filing and defending Competition Bureau complaints; general competition law and compliance advice; and assisting associations with marketplace and competitor issues.


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