April 24, 2013

The British Columbia Real Estate Council issued its new Report from Council Newsletter, which includes a summary of the new and updated advertising requirements for British Columbia real estate licensees (see: here).  The Council’s new newsletter states:

“Each month, the Real Estate Council receives a large number of complaints relating to licensee advertising.  In order to reduce the number of complaints, the Council has updated its advertising requirements with several pictorial examples, an easy to use Advertising Checklist, and Guidelines for Common Online and Social Media Websites.  A link to the updated advertising requirements can be found here.

The Council’s advertising requirements are intended to ensure the public is neither misled nor confused as to who is providing real estate services and to ensure the accuracy of representations being made about real estate and real estate services.  The Council Rules define real estate advertising as ‘any form of identification, promotion, solicitation or representation relating to real estate, a trade in real estate, or the provision of real estate services, including a sign or other notice relating to real estate, a trade in real estate or the provision of real estate services.’”

I wrote about some of the highlights of the Council’s new requirements when they were first announced (see: here).


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